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About company

JSC "Novosverzhensky sawmill" as business entity dates back to the inception of the firm "Anglo-Europe" sawmill in the village of New overthrow in 1928

In September 1939, in connection with the accession of Belarus to the West of the USSR, the decision of the Board of National Economy of the BSSR, the company was nationalized and became known as "Novosverzhensky sawmill." The main direction of the enterprise is the production of wood processing products.

From 1977 to 1992 the sawmill was part of the MinskMebel and MinskprojectMebel associations as an independent structural unit.

Since 1994 JSC "Novosverzhensky sawmill" becomes a subsidiary of Open Joint Stock Company "Lesdrevprom" (Order N 435 of 29.12.1994 years), and are those of August 2004.

August 10, 2004 by order of concern "Bellesbumprom" in order to implement the decision of the meeting of shareholders of JSC "Lesdrevprom" from 31.05.2004 (Minutes N 16 "On the transfer of property without compensation to the Republic of Belarus, the property of" Novo-Sverzhenskogo timber "of" Lesdrevprom ") and Decision of the Council of Ministers on August 6, 2004 N 950 "on adoption of the property to the ownership of the Republic of Belarus", "Novosverzhensky sawmill" transformed into a republican unitary enterprise - JSC "Novosverzhensky forest Labor ".

OJSC "Novovverzhensky Lesozavod" is located in the village of Novy Sverzhen on the street. Zheleznodorozhnaya, 8 and is a village-forming enterprise for her, employing 186 people.

Novogverzhensky Lesozavod OJSC is one of the largest woodworking enterprises in the Minsk region, has been operating for many years and provides high-quality products and services in a wide range.

The mission of the company is to continuously improve the quality of products and services. professional approach to work, strict quality control and low prices allow us to build long-term relationships with our customers and constantly increase the number of customers and products sold.

The main types of production and technical products of the enterprise are products obtained as a result of primary processing of roundwood (sawlog), i.e. woodworking products.

All products are produced by OJSC Novovverzhensky Lesozavod on the basis of the current GOSTs:

Round timber of coniferous species STB 1711-2007;

Round timber of hardwoods STB 1712-2007;

Balances for exports GOST 22296-89;

Raw wood technological raw material TU RB 100195503.014-2003;

Firewood STB 1510-2004;

Sawn softwood STB 1713-2007;

Hardwood sawn timber STB 1714-2007;

Shtaketnik TU RB 00969296.005-98;

Fuel chips ТУ BY100145188.003-2009;

The enterprise carries out the following main activities:

production of sawn timber and edging, incl. for export;

production of molded products (lining);

manufacture of wooden containers;

manufacture of solid wood products;

wholesale and retail trade;

services for sawing, gouging and drying of wood.

Consumers of the products of Novozverzhensky Lesozavod OJSC are furniture factories, construction organizations, the population, part of the products are exported.